Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Alpine Skiing Beckons!

I don't know about you but these constant south westerlies, persistent rain and poor weather is starting to get to me. One trip so far is not great. I was hoping to head up to Scotland again before the end of Jan, but I really can't muster up the enthusiasm given the current conditions and weather forecast for this weekend. Maybe ok if your local, but not worth the drive for most of us at the moment.

So clearly it's not a repeat of the last few winters. More like it's reverted to the usual winters we'd become accustom to pre-2009. Who know's what's gonna happen in the next month. There is a fair amount of snow up there for touring I think, we could just do with a bit of settled weather to enjoy it! Climbing looks a bit iffy to me at the moment. It really needs a good proper freeze/thaw to consolidate the snow pack and build some decent ice conditions, and a bit of reasonable weather to.

Roy and me are off skiing in Val Thorens on 1st Feb where things are looking far better than here (Yippee!). Should just be the right antidote for the grim weather here. Hopefully things will start to turn good towards mid feb.