Friday, 17 January 2014

Fantasy Weather Forecasts....again

(posted by Roy)

Here’s a quote from Exacta Weather as of 17th Jan 2014.

“We first of all need to put all this in perspective with all the other forecasters/weather companies and in reference to them having so much to say about my winter 2013/14 forecast. My forecast for this winter has contained unusually low accuracy to date for the UK & Ireland (FACT) and this will be the last posting of this nature in reference to this, all future posts will be strictly weather related. In every profession everything can't be 100% right all of the time, and as I have pointed out before, good decisions come from experience, and experience comes from mistakes and errors (not consistent errors such as others though).”

So at last an admission that this web site produce fantasy weather forecast, well they have for the last few years!
I’m not having a go at the Exacta web site or James Madden in particular all I’m saying is to predict the UK weather more than 14 days in advance is farcical.

However, I am having a dig at Exacta web site and James Madden for arrogantly boasting about their success rate when they are clearly way off the mark. Look at the last part of the quote “(not consistent errors such as others though).” Seems to be saying that others are worse. Quite frankly Exacta have probably made the most outlandish forecasts so far for winter 2013/14.

Exacta and Mr James Madden please stand up and wipe the weather forecasting egg off your collective faces.