Mountain Weather UK Mobile App

MWUK provides 5-day regional and specific mountain weather forecasts, observations, warnings and synoptic weather maps for all UK mountain areas.

Get 5-day forecasts for all UK mountain regions providing daily forecast summaries, 3 hourly forecasts, freezing levels, high and low level temperatures, wind speed, wind direction, visibility, hill fog and mountain hazards.

View weather forecasts maps and synoptic charts for Rain, Cloud, Temperature and Pressure for the next 3 days so you can assess the weather conditions before you head out.

Analyse observation data from mountain area weather stations over the last 24 hours, including temperature, wind speed, gusts & direction, visibility and pressure.

MWUK also provides easy access website links to essential mountain services such as the Mountain Weather Information Service (MWIS) and the Scottish Avalanche Information Service (SAIS).

All these are an essential part of assessing mountain weather conditions in the UK. Always check the Mountain Weather UK app before you head out on the hills.

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Current Weather View ( Updated every hour )

If the image below does not appear, the server is in the process of acquiring the latest set of images, please check back in a minute
The images will update approximately every hour

The readings are taken from weather stations mainly at "key" points e.g airports, gas and oil rigs, etc.

Weather Links

Dundee Satellite Station

Register it's free, groovy satellite images of our current weather. Please support their ongoing research and buy a poster for your bedroom wall


Invaluable: Daily mountain forecasts main page for all regions. Read it the night before you set out.
An additional web page was added in early 2006 containing more adverts before you click again to get the PDF weather forecast.
Occasional technical problems with the PDF report files and the response from the site can sometimes be slow.
Daily reports for Scotland and the Lakes, other areas forecasted every 3 days or so.

Lakes Weatherline

Probably the best source for the latest lakes weather and fell conditions. Each winter, usually from December to March, the Fell top assessors walk up Helvellyn to check conditions and take photos.

SAIS Avalanche forecast

Seasonal avalanche outlook. Read it, Understand it.....then Read it again.....enough said
Check the blog sections of the site, good reporting of conditions and some good pictures.
Stirling work by the chaps and chapess, nowt but praise for them.

World Wide Video View

Quite Amusing and quite accurate as well; gives a view of what’s coming our way (and any other way for that matter) , click on the UK to zoom in.  Seems to have several days of advance forecasts some of the time, then only the next two days at other times, odd.
Also seems to have different web cams every day or so, not quite sure the developers of this site know exactly where to aim themselves.

Has runtime problems

UniSys Weather Charts

Showing the predicted European weather charts for the next 10 days. You should be able to make out the pressure gradients ( and therefore the  isobars). An estimated pressure reading is also given in black text.
Select a different plot type from the menu. A brief description is given for each plot. Proper stuff :-)

Net Weather

Good general purpose weather site.
A bit disjointed in places and not the best ease of use.
Better for general weather forecasts rather than Mountain specific.

Met Office

The stiff upper lip of weather forecasting. A very disjointed web site, after 3 or 4 mouse clicks you'll end up lost.
It's has a  very poor "user experience", to coin a trendy term.

BBC Weather

Still lots of work to do, but showing promice, could do with a key to symbols and some explanations etc.
Nice to see the licence fee being better spent, rather than on the crap like East Enders, Sticky come Snooker Playing, The Weakest Chef or what ever.

Ben Nevis Weather

Nice graphic, update every day linked into MWIS.

XC Weather

Nice and simple. Select the country and weather type from the left menu then hover over a regions arrows. Double click that region arrow and the full weather synopsis is displayed, nice.
Not very good for mountain weather forecasts due to limited locations
Not much else on this site and there's a couple of runtime bugs as well, but not that bad.

Snow Forecast

Snow forecast for 3 days in advance. Select the United Kingdom from the top menu then select the location.
Site appears very American, if you know what I mean, but they are from Wales I think.
Also look at the Snow Maps section. Try the animated mapping sections as well.
Ok-ish site once you work out which bits of it you like.
Unfortunately there is a Category 5 Advert threat on this site, watch where you click.

Winterhighland 5 day mountain forecast

Scottish ski orientated web site, very good. Plenty of stuff here when you dig-down into the site.
Great when they say "and a risk of snow".....what do they mean a risk ?
No guys we want more and more snow's not a risk at all.
Well maybe it's a risk if you're planning to spend the weekend camping in Number 5 Gully on Ben Nevis.


Every thing you wanted to know about the weather but were too afraid to ask. Careful where you tread, you could end up Internet Shopping.


They updated their web site in April 2007. For a professional outfit it's very fact it's absolutly terrible !
"Real Weather Forecasts by Real Weather Forecasters" they said it.  Are they having a laugh ?
Their previous web site was even worse, believe it or not.
Check this site once just to see how crap it is then never go back again.
It is with out doubt the worst weather site known to man, woman, beast !
Updated 24th November 2008: Avoid !
Updated 31st December 2008: Any web designers reading this may want to offer their help on this really appalling web site.


Depressed by unseasonable warm weather; down in the dumps having made the long trip north for nothing.
Don’t despair you to can become a Weather Geek. They probably sell anoraks as well.